Somalia on Wednesday marked its 60th independence anniversary as its president called on the people to seize the moment to realize the dreams and aspirations of its founding fathers.

”Our Somalia of the 60s is now turned 60. We have sailed the stormy waters and now, we must stamp out our challenges and spread our vision to continue standing tall,” President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said on Twitter.

”As a people, must seize this chance to deliver the hopes of our nation’s founding fathers and future generations.”

Meanwhile, in a statement Ambassador Francisco Madeira, the special representative of the chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia, congratulated Somalia.

”AMISOM [African Union Mission to Somalia] joins the people and the Government of Somalia in celebrating the country’s 60th Independence anniversary. It pledges continued solidarity and support and wishes them accrued success in the years to come,” he said.

Somalia gained independence from Italy on July 1, 1960.

A former British protectorate, Somaliland got its independence in 1960 but days later joined Somalia.

In 1991, it self-proclaimed its independence from the rest of the country following war with the government in Mogadishu.

Somalia does not recognize Somaliland’s breakaway status.

Somalia is bounded by the Gulf of Aden to the north, by the Indian Ocean to the east, by Kenya and Ethiopia to the west and by Djibouti to the northwest.

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