Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble appointed a high-level government commission of inquiry on Saturday to investigate complaints by Somali parents who have not heard from their sons who went to Eritrea.

Defense chief Hassan Hussein Haji, Interior Minister Mukhtar Hussein Afrah and Army Chief of Staff Odawa Yusuf Rageh are among those selected to be on the commission.

Somali parents have been protesting in Mogadishu for the past two days, demanding information and to know the whereabouts of their sons.

A UN human rights report, citing credible information, reported that Somali cadets in Eritrea crossed the Eritrean border alongside Eritrean troops to fight in the Tigray region.

Somalia denied reports of Somali troops fighting in the war-torn region.

Anadolu Agency spoke to several parents who are suffering from a lack of information about their sons but some confirmed that they spoke to their children through government communication channels and also via direct telephone calls.

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