A court in Singapore on Monday handed jail terms to two men for public misconduct inside mosques.

A court sentenced Djamaludin Supadi, 53, to six months in prison after he was found to have threatened the imam of a mosque last March, according to the news website.

Supadi had stripped naked in the Darul Aman Mosque in a southeastern neighborhood on March 3. He was unemployed and had taken pills that he claimed gave him “extra energy” before the incident.

Authorities in the city-state had not yet closed places of worship to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus at the time.

After being reported to security forces, Supadi assaulted three police officers arriving at the scene.

In another case, a court sentenced Fadhil Yusop, 35, for more than nine months for attacking a jogger last January before he entered a mosque in the northeast of the city, where he threatened with a knife a religious officer who was teaching over 100 students.

Both Supadi and Yusop were intoxicated at the time of the respective incidents.

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