Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Friday a five-level system of coronavirus restrictions.

England currently has a three-tier system, and Wales and Northern Ireland have both opted for short, national “circuit-breaker” lockdowns.

“We don’t have to take a one-size-fits-all approach if that is not warranted,” Sturgeon said at a news conference.

“We do not envisage returning to a situation as severe as the first lockdown,” she said.

Sturgeon will put her proposal to a vote in the Scottish parliament next week.

Once approved, the Scottish government will decide which regions will go into which levels, with the restrictions coming into force on Nov. 2.

Level 0 will be “the closest to normality we can safely get to without more effective treatments for COVID or a vaccine against COVID,” she said.

In this level, coronavirus is “very suppressed but still a threat.” Eight people from three different households can meet indoors, and businesses will largely be allowed to open so long as COVID-19 safety measures are in place.

Level 1 will see a “reasonable degree of normality,” and is for a situation where cases are rising but prevalence is “still fairly low.”

Six people from two different households will be allowed to meet indoors.

Level 2 is where transmission is higher and rising. Gatherings inside people’s homes will be banned, and restrictions on hospitality businesses will come into effect.

Level 3 is when most hospitality businesses will be closed, but restaurants will still be allowed to remain partially open.

Level 4 is the highest level, when the National Health Service risks being overwhelmed.

Non-essential shops will be shut, and six people from two different households will still be allowed to meet, but only outdoors. The Scottish government will strive to keep manufacturing and construction open.

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