Over 2 million more South Korean students returned to school Wednesday as the country saw a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed a total of 40 new cases, highest in 49 days, according to the government-funded Yonhap News Agency.

Last week, 440,000 high school seniors returned to school. The country begins its new academic calendar in March but was delayed due to the pandemic.

Some schools and kindergartens, however, have postponed the reopening. Around 2.81 million students, which make 47% of all students, have begun attending in-person schools.

The resumption comes as health authorities are on alert over local transmissions in connection with the capital’s popular nightlife district of Itaewon, as well as new outbreaks at a logistics center in the west of Seoul.

In total, the country has recorded 11,265 infections and 269 virus-linked deaths.

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