Russian and Swedish diplomats met in Moscow on Wednesday to discuss Sweden’s admission to NATO.

According to a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry, the meeting was requested by Swedish Ambassador in Moscow Malena Mard, who informed the Russian side about Stockholm’s application to NATO.

In response, Vladimir Titov, a senior Russian diplomat, said the choice of ways to ensure national security is the sovereign right of every state, but it should not create threats to the security of other countries.

“Our concrete reaction and possible retaliatory measures, including the military-technical side, will largely depend on the real consequences of Sweden’s integration into the North-Atlantic Alliance, including the deployment of foreign military bases and strike weapons systems on Swedish territory,” Titov said.

He also regretted that Russia’s northern European neighbors took a course on the destruction of structures of regional cooperation, including the Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Arctic Council, as it further aggravates the situation in the previously stable area of the world.

Finland and Sweden officially submitted their membership bids to join NATO on Wednesday, abandoning decades of military non-alignment.

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