A report Thursday by Kaspersky is highlighting the need for users in Turkey to store passwords more securely.

The Russia-based cybersecurity company found 89% of users in Turkey are making their own passwords but 49% are unaware how to check if any of their credentials have been leaked.

The report showed 59% of Turkish users said they remember all of their passwords, which can be difficult if security requirements such as complexity and uniqueness are to be satisfied.

“One in ten (10%) keep them written in a file or document stored on their computer, while 15% use the browsers on their computers, smartphones, or tablets to store their passwords,” the report said.

Passwords are the most common method of authentication. But they only work if they are hard to crack and confidential.

And with an increasing number of applications requiring them, it can be hard to come up with new ideas for complex passwords and remember – especially when users may be required to regularly change passwords.

Kaspersky warned it is becoming more vital to store passwords securely and watch for possible instances when credentials could be leaked.

To ensure the safety of personal data, the cybersecurity firm recommends users never leave passwords where others might find them on paper or a device.

It advised using strong and robust passwords for each account and resist the temptation to re-use the same password.

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