Russia’s Ministry of Defense announced on Monday that it destroyed four Ukrainian military boats in the Black Sea, marking the second such claim within a week.

The boats, identified as US-made Willard Sea Force models, were reportedly en route to Cape Tarkhankut on Crimea’s northwest coast. The latest action comes as tensions escalate in the region, with Russia asserting that it has foiled several Ukrainian attempts to attack occupied Crimea recently.

Ukrainian authorities have yet to comment on the Russian claims, making independent verification difficult due to the ongoing conflict. In addition to the boat attacks, Russia’s Defense Ministry stated that it intercepted Ukrainian drone strikes over the Kursk region and Crimea, destroying two crewless aerial vehicles.

Drone attacks inside Russia and its illegally annexed Crimean territory have notably increased, with Russia accusing Ukraine of being behind them. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, while not claiming responsibility, characterized attacks on Russian territory as an “inevitable, natural and absolutely fair process” in a statement made in July.

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