Turkiye is addressing the natural gas flow problem from Iran due to technical problems, Turkiye’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez said late on Monday.

Iran had confirmed that it would not send natural gas to Turkiye between Jan. 21 and 31 due to a technical malfunction.

In response, Donmez said maintenance teams have been deployed to address the problem and ensure that supplies are not adversely affected.

Donmez, in a TV program on Haber Turk on Monday night, confirmed that the Iranian suppliers reset the flow on Jan. 21 following a leak on the Iranian gas system.

“We have been facing this problem now for three days. Our priority is supplying households and workplaces, especially office spaces, as we do not want them to be without gas in these cold winter conditions,” he said.

Donmez explained that the supplier has to fulfill obligations on delivery volumes and conditions for gas pressure under the written contract, which he said, has been relayed to the other party.

He reassured viewers that the country is not without a plan to deal with such challenges, with gas storage facilities at full capacity to cope with the higher consumption rates.

Nonetheless, he said that the current consumption in 73 out of the 81 provinces is unprecedented.

‘We have not had any problems with energy withdrawal from our critical production facilities in cities, especially for household consumption or for the manufacturing sector,” he said.

However, to ensure no critical shortages, he said discussions took place with key organizations in the industrial sector on short-term cutbacks.

“Some of the industrialists wanted to stop at full capacity for a few days and then work. Some companies have energy-intensive processes, such as furnaces. We need to supply gas and electricity at a minimum level for them,” Donmez explained.

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