A Turkish expert on Thursday advised people who got vaccinated against the coronavirus to take care of their sleep and eat healthy.

“After getting the COVID-19 jab, you should sleep regularly because the vaccine will regulate your immune system and fight against the virus,” Coskun Usta, a medical professor at the Akdeniz University in the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya, told Anadolu Agency.

Referring to the studies conducted to increase the benefit of existing vaccines, Usta said a new study on the subject was published in one of prominent medical journals recently.

“It is found out that the antibody responses were much stronger if people slept well that night and within the first 10 days after getting flu or hepatitis vaccines,” he stated.

Regarding the questions about in what part of the day one should be vaccinated, he said the vaccines administered in morning hours are proved to be producing more antibodies.

“Our immune system works faster in morning hours,” Usta said.

“Get vaccinated with COVID-19 jab before the noon if possible to produce more antibodies, be careful about your sleeping pattern in the first 10 days, eat healthy, get natural minerals and vitamins,” he advised.

He said the virus will continue to affect the daily life until social immunity is established, and urged people to comply with the rules of hygiene, mask, and physical distancing.

In January, Turkey began a mass COVID-19 vaccination campaign, and a gradual normalization from coronavirus restrictions on March 1.​​​​​​​

More than 12.55 million doses of a Chinese vaccine have been administered across Turkey so far, according to official figures.

*Writing by Sena Guler

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