Registration for the 4th international cartoon contest to raise awareness about Jerusalem opened on Monday.

The annual contest is organized by the Our Heritage Jerusalem and the Union of World Cartoonists with the goal of raising awareness about the city of Jerusalem, which has been under Israeli occupation since 1967.

Cartoonists across the globe are expected to depict the concepts of human rights, justice, freedom, love, culture, social life, social responsibility, peace, and urban life with an enriching perspective.

The contest’s aim includes bringing attention to the discriminatory practices that affect the approximately 400,000 Muslims who live in Jerusalem, as well as restrictions on their right to justice, particularly at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, said a statement issued by the Our Heritage Jerusalem.

It further aims to raise cultural heritage awareness, the significance of cultural heritage in social life, social responsibility as part of cultural heritage, contributions of Jerusalem to cultural heritage, and its importance in cultural life.

International cartoonists to participate

Cartoonist and jury member of the contest Ahmet Altay told Anadolu Agency that the event attracts cartoonists of different beliefs and from various parts of the world to participate.

“With this contest, we ensure that foreign cartoonists, too, are aware of the issue,” he said.

Pointing to the difference between the works submitted for the 1st contest and those in subsequent rounds, Altay said, “It is possible to say that cartoonists got hold of Jerusalem through this contest. Now they submit works that are very strong in terms of lines and wit.”

The seven members’ jury comprises experts from Turkey, Romania, Belgium, Egypt, Iran, and Syria.

The first-place cartoonist will receive 20,000 Turkish liras ($2,331), followed by 15,000 liras ($1,748) and 10,000 liras ($1,165) for the second and third places, respectively. Five cartoonists will also receive special prizes of 1,500 liras ($174.8).

The contest is open for both professional and amateur cartoonists of all countries. The cartoons will be displayed at an award ceremony in Istanbul at the end of this year.

The deadline for submissions has been set for October 29, with the prize presentation planned for December.

More information on the competition can be found at

* Writing by Dilan Pamuk in Ankara

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