Amid a contentious week for Russian-US relations, Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited his US counterpart to have a live discussion on Friday or Monday.

“I want to invite President Biden to continue our discussions, but on the condition that we actually do it live, as they say, online. But without any delay, and directly in an open, direct discussion,” Putin told TV channel Rossiya 24 on Thursday.

“I wouldn’t put it to the back of the drawer, I want to go to the taiga forest over the weekend, take a little break there, and so it would be possible either tomorrow or, say, on Monday,” he said.

Putin added that he was “ready at any time convenient for the American side” and that he would immediately give the relevant instructions to the Foreign Ministry.

“It would be interesting to the people of Russia and the US. And for many other countries, bearing in mind that we, as the largest nuclear powers, have a special responsibility for strategic security on the planet,” he said.

This week Biden was sharply critical of Putin in a televised interview, followed by the US announcing expanded sanctions on Russia, and Moscow recalling its ambassador to Washington – a sharp break from the cozy ties Putin enjoyed with former US President Donald Trump.

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