Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Thursday for boosting international cooperation on climate change.

Speaking at the Leaders’ Summit on Climate via videoconference, Putin stressed that many problems provoking climate change can be solved only jointly through international projects due to a lag in countries’ development.

Putin said Russia is “scrupulously implementing its international commitments” on climate control – adopting necessary legislation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and allocating considerable funds for the ecological modernization of industry.

Currently, 45% of produced energy is accounted for low-emission energy sources, including nuclear generation, Putin noted.

“The level of greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power plants throughout their entire life cycle is known to be almost zero,” he said.

Putin added that the current primary tasks include absorption of carbon dioxide accumulated in the atmosphere, dealing with emissions, in addition to CO2, and provoking global warming.

He also suggested working in joint international projects and sharing technologies that allow reducing the consequences of climate change.

Finally, he called to pay attention to the fight against poverty and the reduction of development gaps between countries, because these problems are closely linked to climate change problems.

The Leaders’ Summit on Climate was organized by the US to address the problems of global climate change.

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