The international news photography contest “Istanbul Photo Awards,” organized by the Anadolu Agency, increases its recognition in the Balkans every year.

Photojournalists working in different media outlets in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, countries of the region, believe that the contest offers talented people a chance to exhibit their works in press photography.

Milos Miskov, a photojournalist working at the “Beta” news agency in Serbia, said that the Istanbul Photo Awards is a good opportunity for young to show their talents and called on talented names in this field to apply to the contest.

“Applying to the competitions also increases the quality of work. Because if your application is accepted, the quality of what you do will appear. If not, it allows you to review your mistakes and achieve better,” said Miskov.

Miskov predicts that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) photographs will dominate this year’s competition.

Photojournalist Vesna Lalic from “” said that this competition is a great opportunity for talents who will have the chance to show what they have done throughout the year.

“Unlike your other colleagues, try to immortalize the moment that seems interesting to you. Try to find different perspectives on the same task,” said Lalic.

Jasmin Brutus, who works for different local and international news agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that he would apply for the Istanbul Photo Awards this year as in previous years.

“Istanbul Photo Awards is turning into a very important competition for photographers and photojournalists from all over the world,” said Brutus. “I am applying for two different categories this year. It is very important for me to send photos to the contest.”

Applications for 2021 are open for professional photographers until March 19 at 9:00 (UTC+3) via

The participants can apply photographs regarding the year 2020 in six different categories: Single News, Story News, Single Sports, Story Sports, Story Daily Life, and Story Portrait.

The winner of Photo of the Year, the Single News category first prize winner, will be awarded $6,000.

The winners in other categories will be awarded $3,000 for the first prize, $1,500 for the second prize, and $1,000 for the third. Only first place will be awarded in Story Daily Life and Story Portrait categories.

Information about the jury of 2021 and the winning photographs of previous years can be accessed on the contest’s website, which has received thousands of applications this year, as did in recent years.

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