RAMALLAH, Palestine

Palestinian health authorities on Saturday confirmed 25 fatalities from the coronavirus pandemic, along with 1,064 infections within the past 24 hours.

Health Minister Mai al-Kaila said 360 virus cases and 14 deaths were recorded in the West Bank while 704 infections and 11 fatalities were registered in the Gaza strip.

She noted that the recovery percentage in Palestine reached 86.4%, the percentage of active cases 12.6% and the deaths’ percentage 1% of the total infections.

Al-Kaila said that 191 patients are receiving health care in the intensive care units, including 27 depending on respirators.

The new figures pushed the Palestinian virus count to 157,879 confirmed cases, including 1,578 deaths, and 136,384 recoveries.

*Ahmed Asmar contributed to this report from Ankara

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