Devoted fans of Turkish TV series, Pakistanis are now hoping for joint media ventures with Turkey to learn from each other’s experiences, and further strengthen the brotherly bonds between the two countries.

Humayoun Ashraf, a Pakistani model/actor now paying a work visit to the Turkish capital Ankara, says Turkey is like a home country, and he would love to be a part of a co-production.

“I’m looking forward to be in a production where both Pakistani and Turkish people work together,” he told Anadolu Agency. “I’m here to promote both Pakistani and Turkish culture through the media.”

Ashraf, 34, who has appeared in Pakistani dramas including Mere Khuda and Humnasheen, made his film debut in 2019 with the romantic musical Sacch.

“In Turkey, it just feels like home,” he said.

“Turks are humble and friendly” and “get more friendly when they find out I’m from Pakistan,” he added.

On his countrymen’s love for Turkish TV series, especially Ask-i-Memnu and Dirilis: Ertugrul, Ashraf said: “I think Pakistanis forgot to watch Pakistani dramas during the coronavirus lockdown, as almost everyone was into Turkish productions.”

The series left Pakistanis with favorable impressions of Turks, he explained.

The current pandemic ironically had a positive impact by bringing people closer together, he said.

“All families came together, sat together, ate together, and got to know each other better,” he said. “Even after the pandemic, we should get a two-month break every year to eat, sit, and travel with family.”

Asked about his plans and expectations, Ashraf said he believes in himself rather than anyone else.

“I expect from me, not the future. If I work hard, I can expect something good in return.”

He thanked fans for their continued appreciation, saying it keeps him going, despite the ups and downs.

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