More than 700 irregular migrants were held across Turkiye on Monday. 

Turkiye’s Coast Guard in Seferihisar district of the western province of Izmir detected a fishing boat carrying 240 irregular migrants. Security personnel detained five people who were also on the boat for alleged human smuggling.

The coast guard also rescued 252 irregular migrants in another incident in the same area.

A sailboat carrying 39 irregular migrants was also rescued by the coast guard. In a separate incident, 29 irregular migrants pushed back by Greek forces were also rescued.

Another group of 28 irregular migrants drifting due to engine failure were also rescued by Turkish forces.

According to a statement by the Turkish Coast Guard, some 33 irregular migrants off the coast of Bodrum, Mugla were held from two separate rubber boats.

In Mugla’s Fethiye district, another sailboat carrying 29 irregular migrants was rescued after it requested help due to engine failure.

Some 62 irregular migrants in life rafts and rubber boats pushed into Turkish territorial waters by Greek forces off the coast of Marmaris and Dalaman districts of Mugla were rescued by the Turkish Coast Guard.

Some 16 irregular migrants were also held in the eastern Turkish province of Erzurum. Two people were detained for alleged human smuggling.

In eastern Van province, Turkish police held some 23 irregular migrants of Afghan origin.
In a separate operation, some five people were detained for alleged human smuggling in Van.

Some 10 irregular migrants in northwestern Kirklareli province were rescued after they reached authorities for being lost.

All of the migrants were referred to the provincial migration office following health assistance.

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