A Norwegian court on Thursday sentenced a man who staged an attack at a mosque to 21 years in prison, the maximum prison term possible, according to local media reports.

On Aug. 10 last year, Philip Manshaus, killed his 17-years-old stepsister at home and stormed the nearest mosque during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha in Baerum, outside Oslo.

Manshaus opened fire on people in the mosque but was overpowered by one of the men in the mosque. One elderly man was injured.

He was charged with the murder of his stepsister and the terrorist attack at the Al-Noor Islamic Center and found quilty, according to the Norwegian daily Dagsavisen.

Under the Norwegian law, his jail term will be extended by five years at a time if the convict is considered dangerous.

Manshaus will pay NOK 200,000 (around $21,300) in legal costs. In addition, he will pay a restitution of NOK 280,000 (some $30,000) to the step-sister’s mother and between 70,000 ($7,500) and 160,000 ($17,000) in compensation to three of those who were in the mosque during the attack, the report said.

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