A Turkish-based international medical device and pharmaceutical company has received a ‘CE’ mark for the device developed for the treatment of cerebrovascular aneurysms.

According to a statement by RD Global & INVAMED, the new medical vehicle named Libro embolization agent gained the CE mark and was eligible to be used in European countries and all countries that accept the CE mark accreditation.

This non-adhesive liquid embolic agent for embolization, which is used in the treatment of vascular malformation in cerebral vessels and peripheral vessel aneurysms, is known as a treatment method that has gained popularity with its successful results and the technology developed in recent years in modern medicine.

Aneurysms in brain vessels that cause death and paralysis are defined as bubble-shaped swelling in brain vessels. When it reaches a certain size, it bursts and causes cerebral hemorrhage and paralysis. For this reason, the brain vessels of about 500,000 people worldwide are bleeding every year.

The developed device enables the EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) copolymer and tantalum in suspension to be deposited in situ by being applied to abnormal damaged vascular structures, presented with different densities such as 6, 6.5, and 8 percent.

The medical device carries out the treatment by making the structural disorders observed in the vein turn into a spongy coherent embolus.

RD Global & INVAMED has been operating in more than 39 countries all around the globe. The company’s products and technologies are mostly focused on endovascular treatment solutions in addition to a wide range of medical conditions.

*Writing by Yunus Girgin in Ankara

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