The Union of Turkish Municipalities (TBB) and the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) signed a protocol Monday to develop projects for young people. 

The protocol was signed by TBB president Fatma Sahin and the head of ICYF, Taha Ayhan, at the service building of the TBB, according to a statement from the Union of Turkish Municipalities.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ayhan said cooperation with one of the leading institutions of Turkey will give the ICYF strength.

He said the ICYF is working in 56 countries, focusing on Muslim countries and Muslim youth, adding it aims to strengthen the role of youth in society.

“It’s high time to collaborate and join forces…Only with such strong cooperation and coordination can we produce great solutions to the world’s major problems,” Sahin said.

Underlining that the COVID-19 pandemic, water management, wars, the migration problem and climate change are the biggest issues in the world, Sahin said that while looking at all these problems, the approach should be centered on world peace.

“Islamic civilization is a civilization of peace, compassion and justice. It is also a civilization that gives importance to development. We sign this in order to teach our youth about Islamic civilization and to contribute to world peace with our youth,” she added.

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