The Muslim Brotherhood suggested a three-step plan against Israel’s annexation plan of West Bank.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s spokesman Talaat Fahmi said in a statement that the Israeli plan to annex the occupied West Bank is an attack on Palestinian land and people.

Fahmi suggested a three-step plan, which calls for “forming a consensus on Palestine issue, urges Arab countries for serious steps in cutting relations with Israel, UN to support international legitimacy which regards actions that harm the status of occupied land as crimes.”

Before the early election in the country on March 2, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu promised to “annex” illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Jordan Valley.

Joint commission formed by the US and Israeli officials started the mapping process in West Bank in order to “annex” these regions, following the so-called US peace plan.

Arab foreign ministers are expected on Thursday to hold an emergency conference via a video link to discuss Israel’s annexation plan.

*Writing by Firdevs Bulut

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