Moroccan ambassador in Ankara Muhammed Ali Lazreq visited Anadolu Agency’s headquarters on Thursday to discuss bilateral relations.

Lazreq met Deputy Director-General and Editor-in-Chief Metin Mutanoglu, World Languages Editor-in-Chief Mehmet Ozturk, and International News Editor-in-Chief Faruk Tokat.

During the meeting, bilateral relations between Turkey and Morocco were evaluated and the ambassador drew attention to the importance of the historical relations between the two countries.

Lazreq also discussed the latest developments in Morocco and congratulated Anadolu Agency on its centennial anniversary and for the work it has been putting on in the field.

Mutanoglu gifted Lazreq a special edition of Anadolu Agency’s published album of Turkey’s presidents titled, Presidents from Ataturk to Erdogan. The album features photos showcasing successive Turkish presidents’ meetings with different leaders, their domestic and foreign visits, as well as their daily lives.

Lazreq also presented a traditional handcrafted gift to Mutanoglu.

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