Security forces seized more than 3,500 liters (925 gallons) of bootleg alcohol Thursday in operations across Turkey.

In the Karabaglar and Dikili districts of western Izmir province, 750 liters and 890 liters, (198 gallons and 235 gallons), respectively, of the counterfeit alcohol were confiscated by gendarmerie forces.

Forces captured 460 liters (121 gallons) in Avanos district of central Nevsehir province.

Provincial gendarmerie also grabbed 1,168 liters (308 gallons) along with distillation equipment in northwestern Canakkale province.

In another operation, 238 liters (63 gallons) of bootleg wine were seized in the Borcka district of northeastern Artvin province.

In all, a total of six suspects in four provinces were held for alleged links to the bootleg alcohol.

Turkey has cracked down on bootleg liquor production since at least 80 people died of alcohol poisoning last month, according to data compiled by Anadolu Agency.

Bootleg alcohol is made using low-cost methyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol, which can cause serious harm and even death.

​​​​​​​* Writing by Ahmet Gencturk

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