BOGOTA, Colombia 

The coronavirus pandemic has been holding its grip on Latin America, with regional countries reporting more deaths and infections.


In the world’s second worst-hit country, a total of 3,650 people lost their lives and 84,245 people caught the virus over the past 24 hours.

The death toll rose to 307,112 and confirmed cases exceeded 12.4 million, according to the Health Ministry.

Sao Paulo, the country’s trade hub, stands out as the most affected region of the country with over 2.39 million cases and nearly 70,700 deaths.

The country has reported over 10.82 million recoveries so far.


According to the Health Ministry, Mexico’s COVID-19 case tally surged by 5,303, and 651 fatalities were added to the death toll over the past day.

The country has recorded nearly 2.22 million cases, 200,862 deaths, and over 1.75 million recoveries so far.


A total of 12,936 coronavirus infections have raised Argentina’s case tally to over 2.29 million, showed the Health Ministry data.

The nationwide death toll rose to 55,235 as 143 patients died over the past day. More than 2 million recoveries were also reported.


It registered 7,395 new cases and 126 fatalities in the last 24 hours, raising the total case count to over 2.36 million, including 62,645 deaths.

Recoveries crossed 2.25 million, according to the Health Ministry.


Peru registered 4,691 new cases and 201 fatalities in the past day, pushing the caseload to over 1.5 million, including 51,032 deaths.

Recoveries surpassed 1.42 million, the Health Ministry data showed.


A further 7,559 infections were registered in Chile over the last 24 hours, raising the country’s total to 962,321.

Some 63 people died over the past day, bringing the death toll to 22,587, while recoveries rose to 897,975, the Health Ministry said.


It reported 2,795 more infections over the last 24 hours, taking the total number of cases to 321,451.

The death toll in the country reached 16,632, with 50 additions over the past day, the Health Ministry said, adding that the total number of recoveries topped 271,800.


According to Paraguay’s Health Ministry data, a total of 48 died due to coronavirus in the last 24-hour, taking the death toll to 3,958.

The country reported 2,004 new coronavirus cases and a total of 204,704 cased so far, while the number of recoveries has reached 167,603.

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