Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Thursday that a drug memorandum issued by his US counterpart contains parts he does not accept.

“It is a report that is presented each year by the United States Government, it has good things and others that we do not accept,” Lopez Obrador said at a news conference. “It is a point of view that is respected, it is an opinion.”

He underlined that the US and Mexico have “a very good relationship,” before saying: “We are not going to confront each other … we are not going to fall into any political confrontation.”

“We’re working every day. We don’t have any weight on our conscience,” he added.

Lopez Obrador’s remarks came one day after US President Donald Trump demanded Mexico intensify efforts to combat the production and smuggling of illicit drugs, prosecutions of drug traffickers and seize assets and develop a comprehensive drug control strategy.

“Unless the Mexican government demonstrates substantial progress in the coming year backed by verifiable data, Mexico will be at serious risk of being found to have failed demonstrably to uphold its international drug control commitments,” said the memorandum from the US.

Washington holds Mexican cartels responsible for the majority of illicit drugs seized and available in the US.

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