Although Mexico’s nationwide official social distancing rule ended on Monday, most states will continue their lockdowns.

At last count on Sunday evening, the country was nearing 100,000 cases and had 10,000 deaths. Experts have said that they believe the actual numbers are much higher because of a lack of testing and public hospitals turning people away.

The Mexican government has color coded every state in Mexico depending on the number of coronavirus cases they have. Every state, except the state of Zacatecas, is considered “red” or having a high number of cases.

Because almost all states are still at high risk, the Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell urged people to continue social distancing and only leave the house when necessary.

“This June 1 is not the return to normalcy nor is it a free opening of social, economic, and of course, educational activities. It is not,” he said.

In fact, in most states school has yet again been pushed back. In addition, some cities are imposing fines on citizens for not complying with their social distancing regulations.

The Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador used Monday’s opening to go on his first business trip outside of Mexico City in about two months. He said that he was cautious and drove the distance rather than flying.

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