NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania

Mauritanian political parties announced Wednesday a road map to engage in a dialogue with the government.

This came after a 12-party meeting in parliament, with representations from pro-government and opposition sides.

A document released after the meeting said the dialogue will focus on “the democratic path, constitutional and legislative reforms, strengthening the rule of law, normalizing political life, addressing the problem of slavery, combating corruption, reforming the judiciary, administrative reform, real estate reform, [and] protecting the country’s primary interests.”

The Mauritanian opposition has repeatedly called for holding a political dialogue with the government aimed at securing government positions as well as representations in the electoral commission and the constitutional council.

In January, Prime Minister Mohamed Ould Bilal expressed his government’s readiness to engage in a political dialogue with the opposition but stressed that “favorable conditions” should be available.

*Ibrahim Mukhtar in Ankara contributed to this report

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