BEIRUT, Lebanon

Hundreds of Lebanese on Friday protested the continued deterioration in living conditions and the severe collapse in the value of the Lebanese pound. 

Anadolu Agency reported a rally from the Interior Ministry headquarters toward parliament in central Beirut in which protesters slammed financial and economic policies.

Retired Gen. George Nader, who is active in popular protests, confirmed that the protests would continue until the governing system is abolished.

“Today’s rally is the second spark of the revolution and will continue tomorrow,” Nader was quoted in media reports.

Other protests erupted across Lebanon, including the northern city of Tripoli where protesters blocked roads because of high prices and poor living conditions.

Demonstrations were also reported in Sidon and Jiyeh, southern Lebanon, because of the collapse of the currency.

Last week, the pound fell to 10,000 to the dollar, putting further pressure on the already deteriorating economy and living conditions.

The latest economic fallout comes amid a continued failure to form a new government since Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s government resigned six days after a catastrophic explosion rocked Beirut’s port in August. The blast killed more than 200 people.

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri was designated to form a new government but is still at odds with President Michel Aoun regarding related matters. 

*Ahmed Asmar contributed to this report from Ankara

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