ELAZIG, Turkey

Lake Hazar in Turkey’s eastern Elazig province is attracting vacationers looking for places to cool off during the summer.

ELAZIG, TURKEY – AUGUST 07: A drone photo shows people sunbathe and enjoy water during a summer day at the Hazar Lake with its 56 kilometers long shoreline between Hazarbaba and Mastar mountains in Sivrice district of Elazig, Turkey on August 07, 2020. ( Ömer Yasin Ergin – Anadolu Agency )

Located in Sivrice district, which is about 26 kilometers (16 miles) away from the city center, Lake Hazar attracts holidaymakers with its tectonic character dubbed as “the secret sea of the East”, unique scenery, natural beauties and tourist facilities.

With its 56-kilometer-long shoreline between Hazarbaba and Mastar mountains, Lake Hazar offers several water sports, camping and hiking opportunities at the elevation of 1,250 meters (4,101 feet) above sea level.

Ibrahim Bahceci, the owner of a tourist facility around the lake, said an estimated 4,000 people visit the lake daily.

“The fresh air at Lake Hazar, its clear water and natural beauties attract people. Lake Hazar is really a vital place for the people in the region,” Bahceci said, adding that people come to the lake to cool off as the temperature is rising.

Sehmuz Altinbag, one of the visitors who came from Belgium to his hometown Diyarbakir province in southeastern Turkey, said he comes to the lake on a day trip when he finds time.

“We visit here twice or thrice a year,” Altinbag said, adding that they are trying to travel as much as they can to see the natural beauties in Turkey.

Lina Ak, another tourist who visited the lake for the first time, said she really liked the scenery and planned to visit the place again.

* Writing by Gozde Bayar

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