BURSA, Turkey

Having lost her ability to walk following a traffic accident in 2018, a Kyrgyz woman finally walked again thanks to the care and medical treatment in a Turkish hospital.

Bubucemal Zhumashova, 50, went through the procedure under the guidance of a physiotherapist, and assistance of a robotic walking device in Turkey’s northwestern Bursa province.

Zhumashova’s treatment started in February at the Romatem Bursa Hospital, and she is grateful to the medical staff that helped her regain her ability to walk.

Nurten Kucukcakir, a specialist doctor at the hospital, told Anadolu Agency on Thursday that Zhumashova suffered spinal fractures due to the accident, which also weakened her legs.

With complaints such as inability to walk and sit on her own, and loss of sensitivity in the lower part of her body, the patient underwent surgery.

Kucukcakir said a treatment program was also prepared, which included coordination exercises that strengthened relevant muscles, and robotic treatment proved efficient, eventually helping her stand up on her legs once again.

She added that the hospital staff is joyful for being able to play a positive role in Zhumashova’s difficult life, adding that the treatment would continue for further improvement in her walking and posture.

*Writing by Ali Murat Alhas

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