Kuwaitis performed the first Friday prayer in mosques after three months of suspension, in a measure taken to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Kuwait’s state TV broadcasted the Friday sermon –in the presence of the mosque staff but with no audience — at the Grand Mosque.
The sermon focused on following health and preventive instructions, as well as cooperation to maintain the safety of citizens to help Kuwait overcome the coronavirus crisis.

On Wednesday, Kuwaiti mosques opened its doors to prayers, after a three-month closure due to the pandemic.

Large numbers of Kuwaitis prayed at around 830 mosques throughout the country, according to exceptional procedures, most notably wearing a muzzle, and maintaining the social distance between worshipers.

On March 13, the Kuwaiti authorities suspended Friday sermons as well as Friday prayers in mosques as a precautionary measure to stem the spread of COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

On Friday, Kuwait reported a total of 34,952 coronavirus infections, including 285 deaths, and over 25,000 recoveries.

* Bassel Ibrahim contributed to this report from Ankara

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