The Kremlin contended on Tuesday that Russia will win the “hybrid war” with Ukraine and the West, and will achieve all its goals.

“We are sure that everything will be fine, and we are sure that we will win, we will achieve all the goals,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at the educational marathon conference New Horizons in Moscow.

Russia, he said, is fighting in a war not only with Ukraine but also with the US and other Western countries.

“We still mildly call them ‘unfriendly states,’ but I would say that they are already hostile states because what they are doing is war,” the spokesman asserted.

According to Peskov, Russia is dealing with a “hybrid war,” which suggests not only the involvement of American and British advisers and supplies of weapons to Ukraine, but also a diplomatic, political, and economic war – an attempt to isolate Russia in the world.

Seeking for tools to subvert Russia, the Western countries break the fundamental values, including the inviolability of private property, he said.

“Sometimes it seems that the very existence of Russia is a significant irritant for the collective West, and they are ready to do anything to prevent us from developing and living the way we want,” he defended.

For years, Russia tried to explain to the West that it does not like “missiles and guns” placed near its borders when NATO keeps expanding, Peskov said.

He stressed that Moscow tried to negotiate new security principles in Europe on how to live together in peace so that there are no measures of discrimination in economy and trade.

“But they didn’t really listen to us, because there is very strong competition in the world, and in general, the collective West is arranged in the form of a pyramid, with the US standing at the top of it. The control center is located there,” he said.

However, Russia has all it needs to cope with the current problems and reserves for the development.

Finally, the confrontation with the West will end with the formation of a new world where the voice of Russia will be heard, he said.

“I am convinced that any war ends in peace. And this world will be one where our voice will be heard, where we will be comfortable, where we will be safe, and where we will stand confidently on our feet,” Peskov said.

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