A Kenyan senator urged the Senate to investigate the use of the Chinese TikTok short-form video app Thursday to verify of the data of Kenyan users are secure, local media reported.

Falhad Dikow said there have been serious allegations against the Chinese application regarding personal data privacy, according to The Star newspaper.

“The application gathers information on the user’s country location, internet address, and type of the device if allowed. It will also ascertain the user’s exact location, phone’s contact, and other social media network connection as well as age,” she said.

“It is also alleged that the application understands the users’ area, what they like, what they find to be funny, and what they tell their friends,” she said, noting that hackers can easily access users’ data through the application.

Dikow also said TikTok has been broadly used to spread violence, hate speech, bully and exchange social explicit content.

“This has raised ethical concern about the application and has contributed negatively to Kenyans’ society, especially at this pandemic error when schools have remained closed for a very long period of time,” she said.

Dikow called on the Standing Committee on Information and Technology to join forces with other agencies to reach a clear policy and legal framework to guarantee a safe usage of the application, according to the newspaper.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei said TikTok, as well as other applications, could collect so much more information, and suggested it should be used to promote the users’ values and culture.

“I agree with the principality that the usage of the internet should be used to promote our values and principles within our society,” Cherargei was quoted by The Star.

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