Kenya on Friday confirmed 28 deaths from COVID-19, the highest-ever number of deaths from the virus since it spread to the East African country.

“Today, 28 patients have lost their lives to this disease, an increase of 11 from the number given yesterday when we had 17 deaths. Today’s number is not just the highest this year but is also the highest we have recorded since the virus was first reported in Kenya,” the Health Ministry tweeted.

The ministry also confirmed 1,354 COVID-19 infections from a sample size of 7,732 tested for the virus in the last 24 hours.

“The total confirmed positive cases are now 118,889. Cumulative tests so far conducted are 1,402,480,” it added.

The country earlier this month announced a third wave of COVID-19 had hit the country of almost 55 million people.

On the spike in the number of victims, the ministry urged the public to “avoid all forms of gatherings” and “follow to the letter the various restriction measures” announced last week by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Almost two-thirds of the deaths that we are currently witnessing are those of the elderly & vulnerable persons with over 60 years & above,” the ministry added.

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