In the heart of Istanbul, the Kale Design and Art Center (KTSM) is preparing for a new era.

Developed by the Kale Group with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), the center was designed as a platform for production and learning.

With the view that “it is humans who give meaning to space,” it presents a mixed exhibition compiled from previous ones for the visitors to enjoy.

Before ending with a group exhibition, the KTSM transformation project, with the ISTKA’s collaboration, hosted art lovers at its first headquarters of Kale Group in the Karakoy neighborhood.

The future vision for the KTSM, which includes seven design and seven art workshops, four interdisciplinary meetings, four workshops, two space design workshops and two design competitions have been held so far, was recently explained in a virtual press conference.

The meeting was held by Chairwoman and CEO of Kale Group, Zeynep Bodur Okyay, with a significant number of students and recent graduates in attendance.

In her speech, Bodur Okyay voiced hope to make the globe a meeting ground to thank those who embrace and act on the belief that the world is more livable with art and design.

 Addressing, leading in issues of art’s ecosystem 

“We imagine the KTSM as a field where everyone works out of their own private space, whether it is the same or a different discipline, by caring for the person next to them,” said Okyay,

She underlined that the center should also undertake a mission to change public perspectives on art and design. “Here, we should be able to connect with our neighbor, our tradesman, our master, our craftsman, and share the value that we produce all together. We will also open this place to social entrepreneurs. We       believe that this center should produce unique and free works that are worthy of essence,” she said.

The center aims to bring a variety of different ideas and fund activities from ceramics to design, from gastronomy to architecture and from music to books.

She also added that: “Here, we aim to conduct advocacy activities to raise awareness of sectoral issues in order to improve the ecosystem in the field of design and art. For example, designers face huge problems and they come to us and tell us about these problems. We will carry out advocacy work in areas where we have a say on these issues. We are going to bring up the problems of the ecosystem and try to pave the way.”

The group exhibition will be available for visits until Sept. 15.

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