A Japanese woman thanked Turkish health workers and made a donation for cats’ welfare after watching a recent heart-warming video of a cat bringing her ailing kitten to a hospital in Istanbul for treatment.

The mama cat carried her sick baby in her mouth before presenting it to medics for help.

The caring doctors came to the aid of the felines, checking over the tiny kitten for any health issues.

The video of the incident not only went viral on social media, but was also taken up by some publications from the mainstream.

After coming across the news, the Japanese woman, who wished to remain anonymous, congratulated the health teams for their approach in a letter, and donated 30,000 Japanese yen ($280) to the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo for the welfare of cats in Turkey.

“I am grateful to the hospital staff who took care of the cat. I am very happy that the brave mother and her kitten recovered. Please use this money for cats’ treatment, care and food,” she said.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Turkey’s Tokyo Ambassador Hasan Murat Mercan drew attention to the power and importance of social media. Compassion can quickly spread around the world through the internet, he said.

Cats are particularly admired in Turkey, with local residents feeding and taking care of strays in their neighborhoods.

Since many Turkish animal lovers, specifically children and the elderly, have been ordered to stay at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, Ankara has urged local authorities to feed the strays.

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