The foreign ministers of Italy and Spain called for dialogue in the Eastern Mediterranean in a jointly held press conference in Italian city of Milan on Tuesday.

Italy’s Luigi Di Maio said the two countries, as well as the EU’s high representative, were in agreement on starting dialogue with the sides to reduce tension in the region.

“We also strongly believe in seeking solutions for the use of energy resources in the region in order to create the conditions for stability and security,” he said.

The two officials discussed the crisis in Libya, where Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya paid a visit Monday.

Di Maio stressed the importance of a political solution in Libya, adding: “There is no way other than diplomacy and political solution to solve the conflict in Libya.”

He also thanked Morrocco for its “peace-making” efforts on the conflict in the war-torn North African country.

For her part, Laya agreed on the need for a political solution in Libya. “There is no place for a military solution in Libya. And there is no time to waste.”

Laya added that restarting oil production in Libya could be the best way to recover the economy amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Also, Di Maio noted that the meeting was held in Milan to show solidarity with the city that is not only a financial center but also one of the places that suffered the most from COVID-19.

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