RAMALLAH, Palestine

The Israeli army on Tuesday demolished eight Palestinian homes east of Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank.

Abd al-Rahim Musleh, a spokesman for the Wadi al-Siq residential community, east of Ramallah, told Anadolu Agency that an Israeli military force raided the area at dawn, and demolished eight barracks.

The demolished homes were built from tin panels, used for housing and raising sheep.

Musleh said the Israeli authorities usually demolish their homes in Wadi al-Siq under the pretext of “building without a permit” in area C.

Some 200 Palestinians live in Wadi al-Siq. They reside in tin houses and rely on raising sheep for living.

According to the Oslo Accords, signed between the Palestinian Authority and Israel in 1995, the West Bank was divided into 3 Areas A, B and C.

Areas A represent 18% of the West Bank and are controlled by the Palestinian Authority in terms of security and administration. Areas B represent 21% of the West Bank and are subject to Palestinian civil and Israeli security administration, while Area C, which represents 61% of the West Bank, is under the control of Israeli security and administration.

*Writing by Mahmoud Barakat

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