Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Saturday his country would re-impose restrictions in case Iranians failed to commit to the preventive measures taken against coronavirus.

Iran has seen a spike in the number of coronavirus cases since the authorities relaxed a lockdown in mid-April.

“If we do not want to see the spike of the disease in the country [Iran] again, we must observe health instructions and avoid unnecessary travel,” Rouhani said in a televised speech.

The Iranian president said his government has relaxed the restrictions on condition of abiding by the health rules to combat the virus.

He warned that if the people are in danger, the authorities will have to re-impose the restrictions again.

Iran’s Health Ministry confirmed 71 fatalities and 2,410 cases due to the disease on Saturday, bringing the death toll to 8,730 and 184,955 infections.

*Bassel Ibrahim contributed to this report from Ankara

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