Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said an expected nuclear deal between Iran and world powers in Vienna will be “worse” than the 2015 accord.

“The old deal already paved Iran’s path to the bomb. The new deal is even worse,” Netanyahu told the Israeli i24NEWS website.

Netanyahu, who now leads the opposition, said the expected deal “allows Iran – with a seal of international approval – to enrich uranium in an unlimited fashion” and gives it “billions of dollars to continue their terror campaign in the Middle East and around the world.”

Netanyahu’s remarks come as Iran on Monday cited “significant progress” in talks with world powers in Vienna on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal.

Negotiations are underway in the Austrian capital between delegations from Russia, China, Germany, France, the UK and Iran. Washington is indirectly involved in the talks.

The nuclear deal was signed between Iran and world powers in 2015, under which Iran was required to limit its nuclear activities in return of sanctions relief. However, in May 2018, former US President Donald Trump announced withdrawal from the landmark deal, followed by sanctions.

Netanyahu said a “credible military threat” should be displayed against Iran in addition to strong sanctions to deter it from pursuing its nuclear program.

“The way to stop it is by overwhelming pressure and that is what I asked the United States to do – the previous administration – and that is what it did,” he said.

*Writing by Ibrahim Mukhtar

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