The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced changes Thursday to victory ceremonies at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to respect coronavirus measures.

Face masks will be mandatory at all times for athletes, presenters and volunteers during the ceremonies, according to its website.

Podiums will be placed in a way that allows social distancing and additional podium modules will be placed between them.

All presenters will be vaccinated and only one IOC member and an International Federation representative will be present at each event. Presenters will wait for athletes on the field of play to allow for social distancing.

Trays, including medals and gifts, will be placed on a table or stand and presenters will carry the trays to the medalists.

Athletes will put on their medals to avoid contact.

Also, no group photo will be allowed on the podiums.

Japan previously barred international spectators from attending the delayed Olympics, scheduled for July 23 to Aug. 8.

Tokyo entered a state of emergency on Monday that will last until Aug. 22 because of surging COVID-19 infections, which triggered rumors about the cancelation of the Games.

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