JAKARTA, Indonesia

Several humanitarian groups and Islamic organizations in Indonesia are providing relief to earthquake victims in Turkey’s Aegean province Izmir.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), one of the largest NGOs in Indonesia, has been providing food to evacuation teams, medical teams, and police in the affected region since a magnitude-6.6 quake hit the Aegean on Oct. 30.

Firdaus Guritno, an ACT volunteer in Izmir, said the agency also distributed food and 550 blankets for the quake victims staying in tents, mosques, and hotels.

“We headed to the site immediately after the earthquake,” he told Anadolu Agency on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Aksi Insan Nusantara (AIN) Foundation, in collaboration with Sahabat Erdogan Indonesia, sent food packages to the victims. AIN also distributed meals for the evacuation and security teams at the quake site.

“We have distributed 100 basic meal packages among the affected residents and we will continue to do so until 1,000 packages are delivered,” said AIN Director Ricky Hafidz.

“Relief efforts for quake victims is a form of solidarity from the Indonesian people,” he explained.

Muhammad Haykal, the chairman of the Aceh Community Association in Turkey, said he would provide cash to residents to help them buy food and blankets.

“Turkey has assisted Indonesia in handling various disasters, including the tsunami in Aceh and Nias in 2004. We will never forget their kindness and we want to repay their good deeds,” he added.

The largest Islamic mass organization in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah, appealed to fellow Muslims to help earthquake victims. “We want to help our brothers in Turkey and Greece,” said Muhammadiyah Chairman Haedar Nashir.

“Hopefully, everything will pass quickly and life goes back to normal soon,” said Nashir in a written statement. The organization also sent ready-to-eat meals, drinks, face shields, coats, and blankets for the quake victims. 

* Writing by Maria Elisa Hospita from Anadolu Agency’s Indonesian language services

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