Indonesian president on Tuesday warned against deep divisions and growing rivalries amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing the ongoing 75th session of the UN General Assembly, President Joko Widodo apprehended that the pillars of stability and sustainable peace will crumble or even get destroyed.

“At a time when we ought to unite and work together to tackle the pandemic what we see, instead, is deep divisions and growing rivalries,” said Widodo.

He called for all nations to unite and promote a win-win approach in building relations among states that is mutually beneficial.

The president also reiterated his country’s commitment to continuously contribute to world peace as mandated by the constitution and continue its role as a “bridgebuilder.”

“The spirit of cooperation will continue to be promoted by Indonesia, the spirit which provides mutual benefits to all parties and leaves no country behind,” he added.

Widodo also reaffirmed Indonesia’s consistent support to the issue of Palestine to uphold its rights and enjoy independence.

“Palestine becomes the only country attending the Bandung Conference that until the present has not enjoyed its independence,” he said, referring to the 1955 Asia-Africa Conference held in the Indonesian city of Bandung that gave birth to the Bandung Principles.

The conference was an important step towards the eventual creation of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Widodo said that the principles are still relevant in the current situation that includes the peaceful settlement of disputes, promotion of cooperation, and respect for international law.

The president urged the UN to continue to improve itself through reforms, revitalization, and efficiency.

“UN needs to prove that multilateralism delivers, especially during the time of crisis,” he added.

Widodo also reiterated his calls for the collective global leadership to be strengthened as well as cooperation in tackling COVID-19 in terms of health aspects and the socio-economic effects.

Indonesia reported over 257,000 coronavirus cases with nearly 10,000 deaths so far.

* Writing by Rhany Chairunissa Rufinaldo from Anadolu Agency’s Indonesian language services in Jakarta.

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