JAKARTA, Indonesia

Indonesia’s largest Islamic organization distributed free tablets on Tuesday to schoolchildren in the earthquake-hit city of Izmir, Turkey.

Chairman of Muhammadiyah Aid, Wachid Ridwan, said the group wanted to support the children who enrolled in school and were currently living in evacuation camps due to the Oct. 30 earthquake.

“The 50 tablets that were distributed aim to support the government of Bornova district in facilitating online learning for 500 children,” said Ridwan.

“This is proof that we care and love Turkish people. It shows the friendship between the two nations,” Ridwan told Anadolu Agency.

The Bornova Mayor Mustafa Idug received the tablets and thanked Muhammadiyah Aid, noting that both Indonesia and Turkey were prone to natural disasters, especially earthquakes.

“We’re very grateful for the help and support. We must be prepared and should help each other in disasters,” Idug added.

The aid program was launched by Muhammadiyah’s special branch in Turkey in collaboration with the Indonesian Student Association in Bursa and Izmir.

Indonesian students came to the largest evacuation camp in Asik Veysel Park to help distribute financial aid to the quake victims.

Turkey is among the world’s most seismically active zones, and has suffered devastating earthquakes in the past, including the magnitude 7.6 Marmara quake in 1999.

The most recent major earthquake on Oct. 30 shook Turkey’s Aegean coast, including Izmir, with a magnitude of 6.6. The death toll stands at 115, while over 1,000 others were injured, according to the state disaster management agency.

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