JAKARTA, Indonesia 

In Indonesia, 12 cities and districts recorded more than 1,000 active cases of coronavirus, an official said on Wednesday.

Dewi Nur Aisyah, an epidemiologist of the COVID-19 Handling Task Force team, said these cities and districts must be monitored closely to reduce the number of cases.

“The implication is on readiness in handling and controlling the transmission so there will be no additional cases,” said Dewi during a virtual discussion on Wednesday.

Active cases refer to COVID-19 patients who are still under treatment and have not been declared cured or died.

The cities that reported more than 1,000 active cases are Pekanbaru (2,330), Padang (1,855 cases), Jayapura (1,751), Bekasi (1,688), Depok (1,606), Bogor (1,374 ), and Ambon (1,126).

As for the districts with more than 1,000 cases, they are East Jakarta (2,600), South Jakarta (2,439), West Jakarta (2,248) Central Jakarta (2,009), and North Jakarta (1,194).

The rate of active COVID-19 cases is 19.17% nationwide, according to Dewi.

The figure, she continued, is lower than the global rate of active cases, 22.08%.

Indonesia so far has reported 344,749 confirmed infections with 64,742 active cases.

The Southeast Asian country on Wednesday announced 4,127 new cases and 129 fatalities.

*Writing by Maria Elisa Hospita from Anadolu Agency’s Indonesian language service

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