JAKARTA, Indonesia

The Indonesian and French Navies conducted a joint exercise in the Sunda Strait on Monday.

Three Indonesian warships and two French frigates FS Vendemiaire and a nuclear-powered submarine FS Emeraude took part in the joint exercise.

According to the Navy’s Fleet I Command, this exercise is a form of supervision for ships from other countries entering Indonesian waters, particularly the Indonesian Sea Channel (ALKI) I or the Malacca Strait.

“Three Indonesian warships, namely KRI Barakuda-633, KRI Tenggiri-865 and KRI Cakalang-852 were involved in the drills,” said Commander of the KRI Barakuda-633 Faisal Yanova Tanjung in an official statement.

“The French ships will continue their voyages after the joint exercise,” Tanjung added.

Chief of Fleet Command I Rear Admiral Abdul Rasyid said the naval exercise also serves as military diplomacy. “We hope it will strengthen our international relations,” said Rasyid.

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