NEW DELHI – India’s recoveries from the novel coronavirus rose to 1,530,070 on Monday, accounting for 69% of its cases.

“The recovery of more than 1.5 million has been made possible because of the policy of testing aggressively, tracking comprehensively and treating efficiently. Better ambulance services, focus on the standard of care and use of non-invasive oxygen have given desired results,” said the Health Ministry.

The government said coronavirus cases remain concentrated in 10 states which contribute to more than 80% of the new cases.

India reported 63,851 fresh cases Monday, taking the tally to 2,214,269, according to the Health Ministry’s data.

The country’s death toll for the first time crossed 1,000 in a single day.

On Sunday, India scaled a new peak in testing, conducting more than 700,000 tests in a single day, said a statement by the government.

“Continuing the streak of more than 600,000 tests in a single day for several days, India’s tests have grown exponentially. 719,364 tests were done in the last 24 hours,” the statement added.

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