The Indian Embassy in Ankara held an event Friday to celebrate the International Day of Yoga.

Turkish and Indian guests exercised for 45 minutes under the direction of a yoga instructor in the world-famous Cappadocia region.

Guests began exercises at the Zemi Valley in the Goreme region where yoga mats were prepared on a platform.

Indian Ambassador Sanjay Panda said that June 21 was accepted as International Day of Yoga by the UN in 2014, from a suggestion by India.

The ambassador said the final program of the event was held in Cappadocia and doing yoga in the unique scenery of the region was a different experience.

“The videos and photos we take here will be shared all over the world. With this program, we aim to develop and announce tourism in Cappadocia and the region,” he said.

Goreme Mayor Omer Eren also joined the program and said it was his first time doing yoga but that he enjoyed it very much.

Eren added that he would also like to host the event next year.

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