KARS, Turkey

The harsh winters in eastern Turkey can prove to be a bane for the toughest of creatures.

The season is particularly arduous for birds, who are left without shelter as the freezing cold devours all foliage.

However, a community in the province of Kars has banded together to come up with a possible solution, making and putting up small wooden birdhouses around their village.

Man-made houses keep birds warm in harsh winter conditions in eastern Turkey

“Our winters are long and wild animals, unfortunately, face a very tough time. We started this [project] to make their lives just a little bit easier,” Engin Kumas, head of the Bulanik village, told Anadolu Agency.

The community has placed 40 birdhouses at different locations in the village, hanging them up on poles to give the winged creatures better access.

“We have installed the nests on telephone poles in a way that does not pose any danger. We have made about 40 so far and are looking to increase the number,” Kumas said.

He said the people of Bulanik were hopeful that their act will serve as an example for other communities.

“All of us feed our own animals and we also feed the birds to make sure they do not go hungry. Everyone needs to be more caring towards wild animals,” he said.

* Writing by Seda Sevencan in Ankara

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