Turkey on Thursday thanked Hungary for supporting Ankara’s efforts to create a “positive dialogue” with the EU.

“We thank Hungary for its support in our efforts to create a positive agenda with the EU,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said at a joint news with his Hungarian counterpart in Budapest.

In return, Cavusoglu said, “Turkey will support Hungary’s activities and actions during its term presidency at the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe starting as of May 21”.

He also thanked Budapest for returning to Turkey the historical artifacts of Anatolian origin discovered in Hungary in 2015.

Noting that he will also meet Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban during his visit, Cavusoglu said Hungary is one of Turkey’s most important partners.

“We are further improving our relations, that are based on mutual trust,” he stressed.

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, for his part, applauded Turkey’s important role in controlling the refugee influx to Europe.

“There are almost 4 million refugees residing in Turkey. If all those people come to Europe, we would face a very big challenge, especially during pandemic. And if Turkey does not protect its own borders, many would come to Europe, to our territories,” Szijjarto said.

He said it should be acknowledge that if Turkey does not cooperate with the EU on the asylum seekers issue, the EU will face a serious security challenge.

Economic cooperation

Cavusoglu stressed that both countries have taken “crucial steps” in different fields, from tourism to energy and investment, adding that Ankara is pleased with the investment made by Hungarian entrepreneurs in Turkey.

“Turkish businesspeople are also very willing to invest in Hungary,” he told reporters.

He also added that Turkey and Hungary showed exemplary solidarity during the pandemic.

Cavusoglu recalled that Turkey wanted to import some chemicals from Hungary to produce medication and Hungary responded positively.

“Likewise, we will also give priority to Hungary for the Turkish vaccine, which will soon have Phase-3 trials,” he added.

Thanks to the steps taken by two country’s leaders and governments, the Turkish foreign minister said there was no decline in the trade volume between Turkey and Hungary during the pandemic.

“Turkish banks also have confidence in Hungary. A public bank from Turkey, Vakifbank, will open a branch in Hungary,” he said.

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